• Plates

    The plates carry nearly every flavors we have by piling meats, sauces and veggies on top of rice along side salad, falafel, hummus, Babagahnuj and homemade bread.Our plates will truly give you the best Turkish food experience ever!
  • Sandwiches

    We offer you with a wide selection of ten individual and unique Doner Shawarma and Shish Kebab Sandwiches, each with homemade bread is grilled, sliced, and covered with cream sauce. Then combined with your choice of meat, falafel, or fresh vegetables.
  • Vegetarian

    Our salads capture the light and flavors of Turkish inspired San Diego cuisine. Loaded with fresh vegetables, feta cheese and our homemade sauces, they can be topped with any of our falafel, dolmas, hummus and BABAGAHNUJ.
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Welcome to The Best Turkish Restaurant in San Diego

As Cafe Istanbul, we are proud to say that we are one of the most popular Turkish restaurants in San Diego, CA. Cafe Istanbul is the home of mouthwatering Turkish food Restaurant to be found in San Diego, California. We offer a wide selection of tasty doner shawarma and shish kebab plates and sandwiches as well as vegetarian food such falafel, hummus, babagahnuj, dolmas and much more...

Cafe Istanbul will not only provide you with the delicious homemade Turkish food, but will also make sure that you will experience the best Turkish Culture hospitality from us. When it comes to quality of food we serve, we have to say that we are as serius as you are to begin with everything. This is why we are the loyal Turkish Restaurant to our costumers by providing them with tradational Turkish homemade cooking.

we also provide great tasting food that''s prepared fresh with the highest quality of ingredients to make sure that we keep as the most pleasant costumer at Cafe Istabul. Our location is all easily accessible by bus, bycycle, and car at the junction of 6th and Broadway in downtown San Diego, California.